What Else?

What Else?

1. Is home staging really needed to sell my property?

Potential home buyers usually make their decision about whether or not they like the home their viewing within the first 30 seconds of walking inside. Therefore, attractive and impactful first impressions are imperative to a sale. By investing in professional home staging, you can ensure that your home is styled and decorated to appeal to the highest number of buyers.

Statistics show properties that are staged by a professional generate a significantly higher sale and a significant decrease in the time that property is spent on the market.

2. Can’t I just stage my own home?

A professional who can view the property objectively and has been trained in space arrangement, scale, color, and complimentary furnishings is best for the most effective home staging. Take advantage of our skill sets at Blitz Home Staging and Dècor and enhance the appeal of your property.

3. Is staging worth the money?

Professional home staging is an investment that you do not have to feel worried about losing. In fact, you might lose a lot of money by not investing in staging because your property will most likely be on the market longer and will sell for a lower price. The investment often garners a huge return, as staged homes sell for about 6-10% more than homes that have not been restyled by a professional.

The best thing about going with Blitz Home Staging and Dècor is that there are no furniture rental fees, which is truly unique in this business. Few home staging companies own all of their furniture like Blitz does, which lowers the overall price of professional staging. We are the affordable staging company!

4. Do I have to rent furniture?

Not with Blitz Home Staging and Dècor! We own all of our furniture that we use in staging so there are no rental fees. Most home staging companies have to rent furnishings and accessories, so they tack on fees to cover that cost. We eliminate those fees by owning all of our own furniture. If you already have existing furniture, we are also skilled at rearranging furnishings and decorations to maximize the visual quality.

5. Do you offer design even if we are not selling our home?

Yes! In addition to staging properties for sale, Blitz also offers interior design services, including small renovations. If you want to refresh the look of your home or some of your rooms, we can analyze your needs, preferences, and style to beautify your living spaces.

We also will help you with personal shopping for home dècor, saving you time and money on a redesign of your property. Everyone should be able to live in style!

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